Buddha is always Buddha!

The weirdest place to find in Portugal is Buddha Eden.

Don’t know if you like parks, but I adore calm places to walk around, zoo and botanical gardens. But most I like really weird kitsch places, which you don’t expect to find in the place they are located, it changes environment and the mood fundamentally.

The Portugal is so calm, has beautiful nature of southern Europe, calm cozy cities. And then you are driving to the place called Buddha Eden, oriental park with all the possible oriental flora and even some fauna like koi fishes, shapes of the lakes and paths and hundreds of Buddha statues.

35 hectares of Art in the name of all the Bamiyan Buddha destroyed in Afghanistan in 2001.

The most surprising that all the park looks not like something unnatural, all the statues seems real and old, so you are losing the feeling that you are in Europe. But also you can find here the great example of modern art. The craziest thing impressed me is a copy of the huge part of Chinese terracotta army even with horses, made in electric blue color.

The project is impressive in craziness and idea behind, made me happy to be there.

Where: 1 hour drive on the way to Peniche (surfer’s paradise with longest waves in the world)

When: Any sunny day, 1-2 hours to walk around, make photos, eat your precious sandwich (don’t forget).

Web: http://www.centerofportugal.com/buddha-eden-garden/


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