Simple and Easy to Use. Part 2. Ode to small marketing man.

I wear boots. And not that boots for girls, but Boots, the main goal of which to warm my weak ankles in the terrible cold below plus five. I have Leone, he also wears boots, and like real men, we accept only boots with laces.

And this remarkable moment in the morning, when we postponed the alarm several times, cancelled breakfast again, didn’t dry hair enough after shower, we put our boots in a hurry to be in the office by 09:00. Pull the laces in a hurry, not counting the force, and suddenly! laces didn’t sustain the stress of the morning!

My first thought – I will tie as it is, then we must go to a store today and buy new ones. The next thought – it is necessary to measure the length of lace, so at the store not to be dull in front of the counter. The next thought – my laces, in fact, are a bit long, it would be good to estimate the length a bit shorter laces to make accurate bow. The next thought – run to work, later I will think about it. Many thoughts, a little actions. As a result, nearly a year I go around with torn laces.

Sometimes lace falls out of the hole and to put it back – the whole amazing adventure.

The other day at the supermarket, buying food, stumbled on the stand with laces. What you need to buy laces? Color which fits, everything is there. To know the length, do not know, as we are not prepared. To know adjusted length, even more so. And the best is to have old lace with you, but it is, of course, stayed at home with the boots.

And how nice when on the back side of the package we see this lovely picture! How carefully by the manufacturer to draw it! This is a project, not just text, but the picture! And someone thought, how to make a buying of laces Comfortable, went to the management, got a place on the pack, persuaded the designer to draw a picture, persuaded technicians to reconfigure the printer on production. And here I am standing in the supermarket and I am surprised with such a Simple solution.


Laces, however, bought only for Leone. There was no my length at the supermarket, but that’s another story.


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